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Save Freedom Island!

                                     Save Freedom Island!

     By Wobbrigade (Clark Trovela, Rjay Catro, Makoto Gabatin, Nats   Nuelan, Mario Guliman, Freedom Verzola, Charles Billedo, Ian Lazaro)

"Hindi na masama ang pag-unlad at malayu-layo na rin ang ating narating ngunit masdan mo ang tubig sa dagat dati’y kulay asul ngayo’y naging itim”, this is a line from Asin’s classic song “Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran”. It truly speaks of the current situation we as a nation and our environment is facing.  There are lots of issues about our environment in the country and one pressing issue is the land reclamation now built and being utilized by people along Roxas Boulevard- Coastal Road Area. The area used to be occupied by large hectares of sea water not until large corporations decided to make use of the land for commercial purposes such as utility as malls, residential areas, office headquarter, hotels and casinos etc.It can not be denied that the occurrence of these reclamation areas do have a great impact not only on our environment, but also on our own health and safety.Geohazards like liquefaction of low-lying nearby areas such as Bulacan and Cavite, earthquake, storm surges etc. can damage properties and worse, create casualties. We are already there that industrialization brings a lot of help in our modern word but is it just too much? We can balance out everything, preserving our nature and industrializing our country without damaging too much of our natural heritages. One example is Freedom Island. 

Along the long road before the Cavite Express Way stands the gloomy and waste-stricken Freedom Island. This small but conducive piece of land in Manila Bay was once a beautiful and captivating sight. But like the infamous bay where it resorts, it has been devastated by great pollution of both land and water. And things get worse and worse by the moment

Garbage dumps pile high as hills and mountains; wherever one looks, it seems as if it could be mistaken as a massive landfill. Instead of water, toxic waste often flooded the coasts and various areas of the island, resulting in extensive contamination of many resources we could have further utilized.

It was obvious that life on that place was almost purged and excruciatingly torn apart over time. Continuous dumping and exponential piling up of garbage may have choked up every hope of life from the barren soil. Now thrive scavengers in the sea of toxic waste and garbage, symbolizing the reflection of what our world will be if we remain careless and selfish with our lives. The stench might have been unbearable for nearby residents, and the polluted air mixed with the horrendously foul garbage proved that Freedom Island needs urgent rescue and serious care.

Had the government laid out the plans and taken a step to advance in preserving and ‘rebuilding’ this island, our country could have exploited the immense amount of natural resources found within its borders, flora and fauna would peacefully live and blossom once again, and we would be enjoying the breathtaking view of the stunning Freedom Island. Yet various organizations have taken their stand and volunteered to carry the great burden of saving this heavy-laden place. Notable are their valiant efforts to strive to make a change in our society, to share with the environment a special piece of their time and painstakingly restore every bit of the island’s lost splendor.

Freedom Island is one of the breeding and migrating grounds of migratory birds from different parts of Asia. If we let Freedom Island die, the birds also die. And we all know what happens in an ecosystem right? It will be a chain reaction. We, as organisms of the Earth, are interdependent from one another. It is known that man is the most intelligent being on Earth. But, let us not forger that it is our responsibility to take care of our environment. For our environment gives us everything we need in life.

Freedom Island is a potential tourist spot. We can not deny its natural beauty. Through the efforts of people, Freedom Island little by little became restored. Why don’t we take it to the next level? Let us not let the LAST NATURAL FRONTIER of Manila be destroyed because of these selfish acts of the haves. Through peoples initiative we can keep Freedom Island from dying. 

Our call will always and will always be…..

SAVE FREEDOM ISLAND! For the future generations.

SAVE FREEDOM ISLAND! Protect and nurture our nature.



       By Wobbrigade (Clark Trovela, Rjay Catro, Makoto Gabatin, Nats   Nuelan, Mario Guliman, Freedom Verzola, Charles Billedo, Ian Lazaro)

The Philippines: A ‘Rising Tiger’… Question mark – a debatable yet undeniable question mark.

Or are we a ‘Rising Prey of Tigers’?

Philippines. We are a country, established with the foundation made up of countless sweat, tears, toil, and blood. We are a people, the Filipino people, as what we were defined to be by the majority. Extensive developments have been made over time: high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, world-class hotels, resorts, and casinos, mining corporations, and all other sorts of industry have been sifting through Philippine soil in a matter of about 5 years, the current regime even boasting of an astounding 7.1 % growth in Gross Domestic Product.

Yet these things have also taken its toll for the worst on a continually increasing percentage of the Filipino people.

We are closing this chapter of the Aquino administration in a little less than two years. Are we to be proud and hail the great ‘progress’ made by our country because of the present regime, or are we to breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Finally”? It is rather interesting that we survey the streets of some of our huge cities as well as the outskirts to at least prove a point or two we are trying to make.

Amazing as it may seem that the government in the fourth State Of the Nation Address (SONA) of current President Benigno S. Aquino III last July 2014 tried to woo the people’s trust by presenting the country’s ‘growth’ in its highly estimable pomp, it is almost indubitable to overlook the alarming truth and necessity the socioeconomic world of our nation is facing. How terrible it is to think that the gap between the upper class and lower class is increasing exponentially, considering the fact that the lower steps of our socioeconomic ladder have divided into more strata. Poverty has branched out from bad to worse and from worse to worst!

Development studies have shown that the complexity of our social classes as a third world country mixed with the wrath of corruption and criminality can be simplified to severe poverty. By severe we mean that although we see the ‘quantitative growth’ of our country, about a third (and counting) of the people suffers from worsening poverty. And not only that, it is getting clearer and clearer how the apex class of our nation is stepping on AND stealing from those that are in the lower strata.

What are they stealing? Is it only money? Or is it every possession, food, water, shelter, every sweat, tear, toil and blood, every nerve, our time?

There must then be a tremendous reform and rehabilitation of the Filipino nation, not per stratum, but as one big nation. We are all one blood for we carry that name that thousands and thousand thousands of people fought and died for, and it is our perpetual duty as an honorable citizen of the Republic of the Philippines to serve our fellow men as though we serve our God and repair the damaged culture brought by corruption through human lusts. Every aspect must be carefully examined and corrected, that we may not be classified as the ‘Rising Prey of Tigers’, but be Tigers raising each other as the mother raises her cubs.

This centralized distribution of wealth as reflected in a social pyramid is not just a representation of the true state of a struggling community.  It’s a representation of inefficient governance and erroneous approach towards reaching the economic goal.  A widely-recognized fact but poorly-admitted quality of the Philippine government is its definite lack of nationalist attitude.  Social reforms and provisions formulated by the people in the government themselves lack the sense of the word “social” and in many cases gives the idea of individuality towards eradicating poverty.  Without social unity in both the government and the people, the idea of escaping the sinkhole where the economy of the Philippines is now at, would be just an idea no more.  In greater thought however, some kind of strength lies dormant in the Filipino heart.  As individual elements to achieve greater good, every one of us, must open all doors, and awaken.

We are not to be subject to foreign exploitation of our goods, for we do not rise as one in that way and only adds much to the ever-increasing gap in our socioeconomic ladder. But we can never conclude that our country is tantamount to the notion of ‘survival of the fittest’. We are not in this world to be served but to serve, and we are living because we have a mission to accomplish. Everything has been laid out for us, and there is greater hope than ever before.

We shall not fall prey to the beasts of the international forest of first-world and second-world countries. Therefore, we must stand strong and hold each other’s hand and be as one… and rise as one.

The rich exists to help the poor, not the other way around.

Andres Bonifacio: A Great Hero

Andres Bonifacio:  The Great Hero

By Wobbrigade (Clark Trovela, Rjay Catro, Makoto Gabatin, Nats Nuelan, Mario Guliman, Freedom Verzola, Charles Billedo, Ian Lazaro)

                Andres Bonifacio, one name that probably is known by all Filipinos. Just look around everywhere, it seems that every province has a name and a place in honor of this hero. But then, who is Andres Bonifacio and why is the honor given to this person is that much?

                Maybe the story of the fall of Andres Bonifacio in the post as Supremo of Katipunan is familiar to you?  This happened in the Tejeros Convention at Cavite when supposedly, the Cavite chapter of Katipunan were to elect their head. But then, this convention was misleading and to surprise of Bonifacio, it became an event which would elect the new leader of the Katipunan. Much of an ambush, all of the people in the convention were in favor that Aguinaldo be the new Supremo of Katipunan. In the said event, Bonifacio received lots of demoralizing statements about how he is incapable of leading the Katipunan just because he didn’t earn a University degree. Just a few days later, Bonifacio was shot dead in the mountains together with his brother.

                The life of Andres Bonifacio is as tragic as the fight for freedom and independence.  At the age of 19, both the parents of Bonifacio died because of illness leaving him and his siblings orphaned. Because of this, he used his values of industriousness and worked for several companies.  His romance life is as well as tragic as his fight for revolution. Bonifacio had two wives, first one being Monica from Bacoor how died because of leprosy and lastly Gregoria De Jesus from Kalookan in which Bonifacio has a child with her but then died as an infant.

                Bonifacio started becoming involved in steps toward Revolution when he joined La Liga Filipina, a organization founded by Rizal but then this group only met once as Rizal was sent to Dapitan for Exile. But then, this did not stop Andres to fight for freedom and Independence. He formed KKK, also known “Kataas-taasang Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan”. In less than a year, the membership of this group grew from 300 to 30,000. There have been a lot of steps done by the Katipunan in order to let the revolution happen. There have been acts like “Sigaw ng Pugadlawin”,  “Battle of San Juan Del Monte” and others. Until the last breath of Andres Bonifacio, he offered his life for revolution.

                Then why do we honor Andres Bonifacio that much that we consider him “Our Great Hero”? We say that a hero is someone who has sacrificed his life for a country but Andres Bonifacio is MORE than that. He is a leader. A leader that is very intelligent and has tactics, enough to build a great network for revolution. He has the values and the capibility to lead the people. He is an artist. Not just a simple artist, but an artist for the nation. He is poetic enough to express his patriotism and nationalism through his literary works like “Ang Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa”. He writes narratives and newsletters that are persuasive enough to engage people to join the revolution. And more than that, Andres Bonifacio is more likely just like anyone of us, a person who went through trials and struggles, triumphs and heartbreaks. But then, he is strong enough to forget his personal life and rather fight for our freedom and independence. 

Andres Bonifacio. A Leader. An Artist. A Simple Person. BUT then turned out to be a great hero who has done so much for a country. A simple reminder that anyone of us can contribute to the betterment of the society. 

Journal of a Future Physician

Nobody said it was easy. That is a very popular line from the song The Scientist by one of my favorite British bands, Coldplay.

I can always say that song was the Official Soundtrack of my life. I’ve been through ups and downs just like anybody else. 12 days from now, I am entering a new chapter in my life. College. I am more than just excited to enter college. I know the road will be tough. And right now it starts tough. 

It was December 23, 2013. A day when I woke up when I thought this was just like any other day of a vacation not knowing the results of the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). My heart was pounding as I look up for my name. But before I looked upon my name, I looked up for the names of my other classmates. Some passed, but most failed. Finally, I had the courage to look up for my name in the list. Torres. Torres. T. T. Trono. Trovela. TROVELA? Did I just see it right? TROVELA CLARK ANTHONY VILLARUEL  MANILA DEGREE PROGRAM WITH AVAILABLE SLOTS. I could not believe it. I remember jumping for joy and waking up my mom and dad just to tell them I passed UP and I qualified for my dream campus UP Manila. They were very proud of me. UP Manila is my dream campus because it is the Health sciences center and I really wanted to become a physician.

But yeah, I was placed in the status Degree Program With Available slots meaning I didn’t qualify for my two degree program choices which were BS Biology and BS Industrial Pharmacy. Well there’s still a spark of hope in me. Maybe I could be placed in a medical affiliated undergraduate degree program? So I quickly filled up my UP C1 Form and ranked my preferred choices which were 1. BS Nursing 2. BS Applied Physics 3. BA Organizational Communication 4. BA Social Sciences (Area Studies). With so much optimism I, together with my mom and back then my 1 year and 7 months brother, went to UP Manila to send the C1 form. 

I waited until March 2014 that I knew I was placed in BA Organizational Communication. At first, I was really sadden. I was targeting for a medical affiliated course. But then, I kept reminding myself that the most important thing is I’m in UP and I’m near PGH (to look up for inspiration hahahaha just kidding). Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason.

I met my blockmates last May 2014 and they are very nice. They even let me hold the blockhead position which I’m really thankful they entrusted me that. Some realizations are maybe I could use what I learned in OrCom when I go to med school. At times I wish I did better in UPCAT but then again, I remind my self everything happens for a reason. I’ve talked to some people and they tell me any degree program is a pre medical degree program. So this inspires me more. Honestly, I’m still clueless of what the future lies ahead. But I will just go with the flow and enjoy my freshman life. One thing is for sure, I’m really determined to become a Physician. I will do everything to reach that dream and yes I am one step ahead. 

But what like Chris Martin said. “Nobody said it was easy

Writer's Point of View #1: "To be a writer."



Kadalasan ng mga sinusulat naming mga writers ay ang mga point of view ng mga karakter na nasa istoryang sinusulat namin. We are pretending to be someone. To be that character or that person.

Pero sino nga ba kami as a writer? O mas mabuti yatang sabihin, as a simple individual. Tulad ng mga…

With Julie Valenzona :”> haha hi :)

With Julie Valenzona :”> haha hi :)

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