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Journal of a Future Physician

Nobody said it was easy. That is a very popular line from the song The Scientist by one of my favorite British bands, Coldplay.

I can always say that song was the Official Soundtrack of my life. I’ve been through ups and downs just like anybody else. 12 days from now, I am entering a new chapter in my life. College. I am more than just excited to enter college. I know the road will be tough. And right now it starts tough. 

It was December 23, 2013. A day when I woke up when I thought this was just like any other day of a vacation not knowing the results of the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). My heart was pounding as I look up for my name. But before I looked upon my name, I looked up for the names of my other classmates. Some passed, but most failed. Finally, I had the courage to look up for my name in the list. Torres. Torres. T. T. Trono. Trovela. TROVELA? Did I just see it right? TROVELA CLARK ANTHONY VILLARUEL  MANILA DEGREE PROGRAM WITH AVAILABLE SLOTS. I could not believe it. I remember jumping for joy and waking up my mom and dad just to tell them I passed UP and I qualified for my dream campus UP Manila. They were very proud of me. UP Manila is my dream campus because it is the Health sciences center and I really wanted to become a physician.

But yeah, I was placed in the status Degree Program With Available slots meaning I didn’t qualify for my two degree program choices which were BS Biology and BS Industrial Pharmacy. Well there’s still a spark of hope in me. Maybe I could be placed in a medical affiliated undergraduate degree program? So I quickly filled up my UP C1 Form and ranked my preferred choices which were 1. BS Nursing 2. BS Applied Physics 3. BA Organizational Communication 4. BA Social Sciences (Area Studies). With so much optimism I, together with my mom and back then my 1 year and 7 months brother, went to UP Manila to send the C1 form. 

I waited until March 2014 that I knew I was placed in BA Organizational Communication. At first, I was really sadden. I was targeting for a medical affiliated course. But then, I kept reminding myself that the most important thing is I’m in UP and I’m near PGH (to look up for inspiration hahahaha just kidding). Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason.

I met my blockmates last May 2014 and they are very nice. They even let me hold the blockhead position which I’m really thankful they entrusted me that. Some realizations are maybe I could use what I learned in OrCom when I go to med school. At times I wish I did better in UPCAT but then again, I remind my self everything happens for a reason. I’ve talked to some people and they tell me any degree program is a pre medical degree program. So this inspires me more. Honestly, I’m still clueless of what the future lies ahead. But I will just go with the flow and enjoy my freshman life. One thing is for sure, I’m really determined to become a Physician. I will do everything to reach that dream and yes I am one step ahead. 

But what like Chris Martin said. “Nobody said it was easy

Writer's Point of View #1: "To be a writer."



Kadalasan ng mga sinusulat naming mga writers ay ang mga point of view ng mga karakter na nasa istoryang sinusulat namin. We are pretending to be someone. To be that character or that person.

Pero sino nga ba kami as a writer? O mas mabuti yatang sabihin, as a simple individual. Tulad ng mga…

With Julie Valenzona :”> haha hi :)

With Julie Valenzona :”> haha hi :)

Pasko Na :))  #MerryChristmas  (at TriNoma)

Pasko Na :)) #MerryChristmas (at TriNoma)

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Maybe my smile could make your day :-)

Maybe my smile could make your day :-)